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Price and service
Class Schedule

Free Class when you purchase 12 hours of driving lessons $495 - Balance must be paid by 5th Class. Limited to first 15 students per class. Must be under 18 years old. Expires 12/30/17

Discounts for Transfers Too !!

12 Car Lessons Only Special $495 (JOL Licensees) - Transfers Welcome

Car Lessons Only $50 per hour

Car Lessons Only package $270 for 6 hours

Parent Class Only $20

Record Requests - $10 per document

RMV Certicate Fee $15 - All RMV Fees not included (paid to RMV)

Roadtest Sponsorship at RMV (Weekdays Only) - not included (optional) $120
Roadtest Sponsorship in Norwood (Saturdays Usually) - not included (optional) $120
RMV Inspector comes to A&E Driving School

Students that withdraw from Car Lessons, Classroom or Roadtest Sponsorships shall pay a $35 withdrawal fee (plus Rmv fees and partial or complete lessons or classes if applicable).

Local Pickups at A&E Driving School, Norwood High School, Westwood High School, Walpole High School, Canton High School, Dedham High School, Medfield High School, Foxboro High School, Sharon High School, Xaverian, Ursaline, St. Sebastians, Noble Greenough and other locations.