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Prices, Terms and Conditions and Courses are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable. Student is required by Registry to complete an additional 40 hours of supervised driving with a legal sponsor (not provided by A & E Driving School). 12 hours minimum must be done before doing car lessons with school. Classroom portion is taught first and car lessons are done by appointment no earlier than three months from permit issue date. Students that are argumentative, non-cooperative or who do not follow instructions will be suspended from car lessons for three weeks. All students being sponsored for a road test must pass an evaluation by the driving school before a road test appointment is made. Road Test dates must be requested one month in advance and must coincide with RMV and A & E availability. Students that miss classes will be required to make them up. A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given for appointment cancellations or a $45 Fee (for Driving) or a $10 Fee (for Observations) will be due. A Returned check Fee of $25 will be due for returned checks. A deposit of 33% is required before the first class. Payments of at least 66% must be paid before the 3rd class. Balance is due before starting car Lessons. Car Time must be paid in advance. Road Test, Registry and other fees must be paid in advance. A & E Driving School, its owners and its employees are not responsible for accidents that occur after a student enrolls. An early withdrawal Fee of $35 will be due for early withdrawals. No Refunds on Classroom after 3rd hour of classroom time. Students must pay for any Car Lessons taken. Students that fail to comply with the terms of any special pricing shall pay the full price for the course. Students that withdraw after completing the classroom portion (Night Class Only) shall pay the Ala Carte price of $300 for the classroom portion plus a $35 early withdrawal fee. Students that withdraw from Car Lessons, Classroom or Roadtest Sponsorships shall pay a $35 withdrawal fee (plus Rmv fees and partial or complete lessons or classes if applicable).Day Class Students must pay full tuition. (Driver’s Ed Certificate not included). No Refunds on Car Lessons after 30 Days from Classroom Start Date. All Lessons begin and end at A & E Driving School unless stated otherwise. A & E Driving School Policies, RMV Requirements and Special Pricing Terms not written here, are also incorporated by reference.Pickups are limited to certain time slots. Lessons end at driving school.